How To Stop Viruses Getting Into Your Computer

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Cybersecurity threats are more rampant today and you need to maintain a fighting stance against them. Either you are using your computer at home or for business purposes, you need to follow security practices so that your freedom and confidentiality on the internet won’t be threatened. Here is a practical guide on how to protect your computer from the virus:

Use quality antivirus software

Many people make the mistake of thinking that free antivirus software is as effective as they want, which is not always so. These free applications never provide adequate protection. Professional and business-grade software is more reliable. They provide timely protection against a wide range of threats, update more frequently, have more features, etc. You won’t regret investing your money in premium software applications.

You can know about the right antivirus and other security software you can install on your computer when you attempt to find computer software in US by reading through reviews left by customers on The customers will be able to discuss their experience with the security software and if it contributed significantly to the security of their computer or not. Some will also state if the security software is worth the price or if there are better options. Of course, you should research suggested better options on reviews before opting for them.

Scan your computer daily

Viruses and other spyware occasionally evade your protective software and try to infect your system. Since they are ever-growing, they can outsmart some security applications. Sometimes, you may mistakenly permit this malware to run on your system.

However, scanning your computer daily will stop this from happening as you will be able to quickly detect, isolate and remove malware that escapes your security software. After scanning, it is advised you disable autorun on your system. Viruses can attach themselves to drives that you have allowed to automatically install on your system.

Be wary of clicking on email links and attachments

Not every email link is credible; spammers send emails to people under the guise of email marketers, etc. A lot of computer users have heard this warning countless times but they still fail to heed it. Regardless of the source, don’t be distracted and click on links and attachments you are not sure of. Scan every email attachment using a premium antivirus application before you open them.  for links, visit the websites manually on your browser.

Be smart when surfing the internet

If you use a premium antivirus application, some plug-ins protect you against phishing, infections, etc. You should always enable these features as much as possible. Explore the range of protective features your software has and make use of them. Be wary of entering sensitive information on websites you have not manually visited and verified. Avoid clicking on links that purport to take you to the webpage and type the website address manually on your search bar.

Always update your antivirus applications

Your antivirus applications need to be updated regularly. These regular databases and … Read More..


How to Build a 10×20 Gable Shed

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Looking for easy and inexpensive ways to add value to your property? Want to build a shed without paying thousands of dollars to contractors? Worry no more! With this 10×20 Gable Shed plan, you will be able to design and build your very own shed in no time.

Why opt for a Gable Shed?

A gable shed is spacious and quite easy to build. If you want a shed that is spacious yet can be built in a matter of days with absolutely no professional building experience required, then gable shed will suit you the most. If You need more ideas for what You can build, please visit our collection of shed plans!

Shed Information

In this DIY shed building guide, we will be going through materials, and important steps and measurements of the 10×20 gable shed. With the help of this guide, you will be able to build your very first gable shed in no time.

The overall height of this gable shed would be 12 feet while the width at the bottom will be 10 feet and 1 inch from the front. From the side, the shed depth will be 21 feet and 7.5 inches. The depth from the trim would be 20 feet and 1 inch.

Getting Started

Before you get started with building the shed, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you need to work on a level surface to ensure all the wall frames balanced on the corners. Keep an eye on the measurements. It is important to make sure that you get all the measurements right, as they are the key to building a neat and stable shed. You will be using a spirit level to plumb the walls. In addition, you will check that the top walls are horizontal by using a spirit level.

Lastly, you need to decide whether you will be building the doors yourself or if you will be buying them from a manufacturer. For this shed, you will require two doors and two windows.

Buy Quality Materials

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of buying quality materials for the building process. Our premium plans come with a complete list of materials you will require along with their required quantities. If you are unsure of what to buy, then get your hands on our premium plans. You can take the list to your local hardware store and get all the materials without any confusion.

How to Build a 10×20 Gable Shed

When starting with the building process, you will first lay down the foundation of your shed. The foundation is the most important part as it will hold the entire weight of the structure. You need to make sure you use the right struts and material to make the foundation solid. You will use 0.74 inches thick tongue and groove plywood. Cut five pieces into 4’ x 8’, two 2’ x 8’ and one 2’ x 4’. You will nail 2-inch screws on … Read More..