3 Important Pieces Of Technology To Look After In 2020

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Technology as a whole has changed a lot in the past couple of years. With the introduction of different machine learning and deep learning-based applications and pieces of software, the future of technology is definitely tunnel-visioned towards automation, thoroughly. With this in mind, let’s try and analyse 4 pieces of technology which will dominate the market in 2020.

#1: Data Warehousing And Data Lakes

The usage of data is a delicate subject after what happened with the Cambridge Analytica scandal. With this in mind, though, it’s mandatory to state how impactful the usage of data has been for businesses in 2019. It has been noticed how, in fact, the most successful companies marketing-wise were using data lakes architecture to optimise their paid social ads, targeting, effectively, the right audience at the right time. Amazon and Facebook (of course) have both been using data for their ads, but this is very likely to grow even more in 2020.

#2: Cloud-Based Architectures For Hardware

PC components have become incredibly powerful in the past couple of years. With greater power, though, comes great responsibilities: the average price of a graphics card in 2019 has been fluctuating around $350, which, when combined with a new motherboard and a new processor, could easily bring the price of a brand new machine to the $1000 region (on average). With this in mind, companies like NVidia have been creating cloud-based services in which the user can build their own machine from scratch and use it for a small monthly fee. Is this the future of personal computers? Time will tell.

#3: Augmented Analytics

In the past three years, eCommerce has taken over small, medium and enterprise businesses, effectively overcoming a lot of traditional retailing techniques. Augmented Analytics refers to the usage of tools which deeply analyse how a user is behaving on a specific landing page/piece of software and is very likely to connect the usage of big data to architectures like Google Analytics. Many app developers have stated how companies and clients have all been looking after augmented analytics for their app, due to the fact that mobile traffic has grown massively recently.

To Conclude

The usage of these three pieces of technology is very likely to impact a lot of different markets in 2020. From startups to big enterprise, it’s quite easy to see the potential of these technologies with the new year approaching. … Read More..


Sheet Metal Fabrication Facts

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The process of using sheet metal to manufacture machines and other structures is known as sheet metal fabrication. Professionals require specialized skills to complete each project since each can involve several steps. Successful sheet metal fabrication portland oregon professionals have developed a process that allows them to produce and deliver orders according to their client’s specifications.

Here are three sheet metal fabrication facts to consider.


During the pre-production phase of the sheet metal fabrication process, professionals will review the initial design, put together a prototype and program the necessary software and machines. The initial design review includes the part specifications, machine set up and finishing specifications. When necessary, assembly instruction and shipping information will also be included. This package of information allows the professionals to prototype each project with the lowest costs possible and maximum efficiency. The software programming allows you to email digital drawings to the fabrication shops so they can get started as soon as possible.


When the production phase takes place, you can rest assured that every piece of your order will be fabricated correctly according to your specifications. Every staff member involved in the process understands the product’s requirements as well as the due dates. Many fabrication shops operate as a turn key business. This allows them to deliver orders on-time and quality that meets customer expectations.

Getting Started

As you prepare to place your order with a fabrication shop, it is a good idea to get a quote for your project, first.. This helps you discuss your project requirements and expectations with the representative. Once the shop comes up with the pricing for your project, the representative who serves as your contact can answer any questions you may have and discuss how the costs are broken down. They also advise you of your shipping costs.

Sheet metal fabrication portland oregon is the process where sheet metal is bent and shaped to manufacture components as desired by a client. Successful projects require two-way communication, so before getting started, be sure the fabrication shop understands your needs, timeline and budget.… Read More..