Sheet Metal Fabrication Facts

The process of using sheet metal to manufacture machines and other structures is known as sheet metal fabrication. Professionals require specialized skills to complete each project since each can involve several steps. Successful sheet metal fabrication portland oregon professionals have developed a process that allows them to produce and deliver orders according to their client’s specifications.

Here are three sheet metal fabrication facts to consider.


During the pre-production phase of the sheet metal fabrication process, professionals will review the initial design, put together a prototype and program the necessary software and machines. The initial design review includes the part specifications, machine set up and finishing specifications. When necessary, assembly instruction and shipping information will also be included. This package of information allows the professionals to prototype each project with the lowest costs possible and maximum efficiency. The software programming allows you to email digital drawings to the fabrication shops so they can get started as soon as possible.


When the production phase takes place, you can rest assured that every piece of your order will be fabricated correctly according to your specifications. Every staff member involved in the process understands the product’s requirements as well as the due dates. Many fabrication shops operate as a turn key business. This allows them to deliver orders on-time and quality that meets customer expectations.

Getting Started

As you prepare to place your order with a fabrication shop, it is a good idea to get a quote for your project, first.. This helps you discuss your project requirements and expectations with the representative. Once the shop comes up with the pricing for your project, the representative who serves as your contact can answer any questions you may have and discuss how the costs are broken down. They also advise you of your shipping costs.

Sheet metal fabrication portland oregon is the process where sheet metal is bent and shaped to manufacture components as desired by a client. Successful projects require two-way communication, so before getting started, be sure the fabrication shop understands your needs, timeline and budget.